The Lucinda Lenore Merriss Cornell Diaries

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The 1859 diary of Lucinda Merriss largely focuses on her daily life at home and with friends and family. The start includes verses and personal notes as well as some cash accounts. This year includes some births, marriages, and deaths, as well as the marriage proposal to Lucinda by Albert Whitacre. Significant events include:

March 10: Marriage proposal from Albert Whitacre

June 5: Harsh late frost that nearly killed all their plants

Mid-July: Low rain to the point plants were dying

August 26: George Sells Jr. ran from a lawsuit by Jane Davis for breaking a contract with $5,000 amount.

September 30: A shift in attitude toward Albert

October 6: Marriage to Albert postponed.

November 6: The last visit from Albert and the end of their engagement.

December 4: A surprise visit from Albert and a renewal of his marriage proposal.

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