The Lucinda Lenore Merriss Cornell Diaries

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The 1867 diary of Lucinda Cornell details her life at home in Westerville. It begins with recipes, poems, and cash accounts by month. It also includes information on births, marriages, and deaths of known persons. This year was quite hard for Lucinda, due to many deaths and illnesses of loved ones. Much of the time involves her detailing her misery. Significant dates include:

February 19: Mention of John's lack of attention to her and how Harry is her everything.

March 10: Harry gets sick. A note from April 7th states this is his death sickness.

March 20: Attends the funeral of Benjamin Hanby, Otterbein graduate and musician.

March 24: Harry's illness gets much worse.

March 29: Harry dies at 1 AM and is buried the next day.

May 1: A reflection on the death of loved ones.

May 10: News that Parris' health is doing very poorly.

May 15: Parris dies at 5:30 AM.

July 21: First coded message of second pregnancy.

August 7: Methodist Sabbath School picnic.

August 29: The Merriss estate is settled. She gets $2,000 from it.

October 17: Attends the wedding of Sarah Nutt and Jim Haines.

October 27: New preacher Caroll starts work at the church.

November 5: First written acknowledgement of second pregnancy.

December 27: Reflection on three years of marriage.

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