The Lucinda Lenore Merriss Cornell Diaries

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The 1864 diary of Lucinda Merriss focuses mostly on her life at home with family and interactions with friends and acquaintances. It begins with a listing of family members from her extended family as well as cash account by month. This diary also includes references to births, marriages, and deaths of known persons. Some significant dates include:

February 12: Travels with family to Burlington, Iowa.

April 20: Returns home to Columbus from Illinois.

April 27: A letter is sent to a J.B. Co----.

May 2: Independent Companies leave for Camp Chase in Columbus under Heagler and Romic.

May 16: The Battle at Richmond between Grant and Lee takes place.

June 14: Bad news arrives of the 95th Regiment.

June 25: A letter arrives from J.B. Cornell including his full military rank.

August 16: The '100 Days Men' return home to Columbus.

September 10: Alice and John Cornell visit for dinner.

September 14-15: A visit to the fair.

October 23: The Soldier's Aid Society is organized.

November 8: Lincoln beats McLellan by a many 1,000 majority in the election for president.

December 27: Lucinda is married to John Cornell by E.H. Heagler.

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