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Journal of Academic Library and Information Science


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With the rapid development of new media on the Internet and the proliferation of misinformation/disinformation, the academic libraries, as the information resource center, has the responsibility and obligation to cultivate the user's information identification ability. However, compared with foreign university libraries, the guidance of domestic university libraries to identify false information is not systematic and explicit. Therefore, we must improve the users' interest, practicality, and depth of training practice activities. This paper analyzes, contrasts, and summarizes the relevant research and practice results of the false information identification training of domestic and foreign well-known university libraries through literature and network research. And enlightens the university libraries in China to improve and deepen the cultivation of the identification ability of misinformation/disinformation of users from five aspects in the future:

  • Improving librarians' media and information literacy ability and carrying out interdisciplinary cooperation.
  • Establishing guidelines and websites for identifying false information.
  • Installing the system of misinformation/disinformation identification index and training method.
  • Designing and implementing multiple practical projects to cultivate media and information literacy.
  • Building an evaluation system based on the ability to identify the true and false information.


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