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This paper is a translation of the "Study on the Concept and Scope of Reading Promotion" by Youhua Chen, initially published in Chinese in the Library Journal, 2017,36(04):19 - 24+18.DOI:10.13663/j.cnki.lj.2017.04.003.

The paper summarizes the practical and theoretical development of reading promotion in various countries in the world and reveals the status of the magnificent practices and active research of reading promotion in China. According to the conceptual object, the existing definitions of reading promotion are divided into the "goal-oriented conceptual model" and the "content-oriented conceptual model". The defining principles and conceptual scopes of these two models are analyzed. Starting with confirming the defining principle and analyzing the scopes of conceptual elements, the definitions of reading promotion and library reading promotion are given. The research is beneficial for librarians to better cognize the conceptual scope of reading promotion and to plan the work.


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