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Jane Wu 0000-0001-5625-426X

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Conference Presentation


2012 ALAO Annual Conference




Academic Library Association of Ohio (ALAO)

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This presentation explores the evolving role of university librarians in the context of higher education's globalization and internationalization. It examines academic librarians' challenges and opportunities as they navigate a changing landscape shaped by globalization.

The presentation delves into various aspects:

  • Librarian's Roles: It discusses the contemporary roles of university librarians in advancing internationalization efforts, considering how globalization influences institutional activities. It also addresses the preparation required for librarians to effectively contribute to their institutions' evolving vision and practices within an increasingly international context.
  • Challenges in International Collaborations: The presentation highlights the challenges faced by academic librarians in participating in international collaborations, focusing on issues such as institutional support, staffing constraints, funding, visas, and language and cultural barriers.
  • Case Studies: Drawing from the experiences of Otterbein University Library and Ohio State University Libraries, the presentation showcases proactive librarian involvement in international activities, including exchanges, collaborations, and conference attendance. It explores the benefits of such engagement and how it aligns with institutional goals.
  • Librarians as Change Agents: The presentation underscores the critical role of librarians as change agents in an era of globalization. It emphasizes the need for librarians to align with institutional objectives, engage in cooperative ventures, participate in strategic planning, and foster positive intercultural interactions.
  • Survey Comments on Collaborations: Insights from survey comments provide real-world examples of international collaboration, including news exchanges, network building, resource sharing, staff visits, information sharing, digitization projects, and the value of global networks.

In conclusion, this presentation underscores the importance of academic librarians in shaping and advancing the internationalization efforts of their institutions. It encourages librarians to embrace their roles as catalysts for change and collaboration in an increasingly interconnected global academic landscape.


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