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Acta Crystallographica Section E


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The structure of the title compound, [Co(C5H6NO4)3], consists of a CoIII ion octahedrally coordinated by three bidentate 3-nitro­pentane-2,4-dionate ligands. The complex was prepared via the nitration of tris­(2,4-penta­nedionato-κ2 O,O′)cobalt(III) with a solution of copper(II) nitrate in glacial acetic acid. The central C atom and the nitro group of one 3-nitro­pentane-2, 4-dionate ligand are disordered over two positions with an occupancy ratio of 0.848 (4):0.152 (4). A second nitro group is also disordered over two orientations with an occupancy ratio of 0.892 (7):0.108 (7). Two of the ligand methyl groups form C—H⋯O inter­actions with two different nitro groups to form chains running along the c axis. Additional C—H⋯O inter­actions are found between ligand methyl groups and the cobalt-bound O atoms, also resulting in the formation of chains along the c axis.




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