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“Benjamin Russel Hanby - Author of ‘Darling Nelly Gray’,” was first published in April, 1905 as an article in the “Quarterly,” the publication of the Ohio State Archaeological and Historical Society. Author Charles Burleigh Galbreath was an Ohio educator and librarian who twice served as the State Librarian (1896-1911 and 1915-18) and was the secretary and librarian of the Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society (today known as the Ohio History Connection) from 1920 until his death in 1934. Burleigh published numerous articles, pamphlets, and books on Ohio history. This book contains correspondence not published in any other account of Benjamin Hanby’s life.

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Benjamin Russel Hanby, Otterbein University, Darling Nelly Gray, Cornelia Walker, Little Tillie’s Grave, Jacob A. Zellar, Ole Shady, Kate Winter Hanby, William Tecumseh Sherman, Now Den! Now Den!, The Nameless Heroine, Melvina Stevens, J. G. Holland, United Brethren Church, John Church Music Company, Root & Cady, Our Song Birds


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