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Contents: Editor’s Introduction; Interview with Dr. Alan Lightman: At the Intersection of the Sciences and Humanities; Articles: Two Essays on Socrates: An Examination of Richard Kraut’s Liberalization of Socrates’ Political Philosophy —J. T. Craig; Would King Drink the Hemlock?: Socrates’ Views on King — Larsa Ramsini; The Not-So “Invisible Hand”: America’s Role in Haiti’s Endemic Poverty — Christina Amato; Philosophizing Disgrace: Anatomy and Analysis of Dylan’s “Hard Rain” — Adam Cottrel; A Priest of the Portrait as a Young Man: The Path to Stephen Dedalus’s Artistic Baptism — Adam Cottrel; The Moral Dilemma of Atomic Warfare — Edward Gunn; Jaingxi Elementary School Explosion: A Look at Human Rights Abuse in China — Rhonda Maynard; A Woman’s Religion: How Ann Lee Broke Through the Patriarchy — Jen Roberts; Art of Revolution — Jen Wall; Hirohito: Dunce or Duplicitous Leader? — Michelle Yost; Book Reviews: The Body of Brooklyn — Jennifer Roberts; The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order — Zach Reat; Collapse — Cassi Smith; Teacher Man — Christina Amato; China Inc. — J. T. Craig; In Brief; Contributors, etc.

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Spring 2006


Otterbein University




Dr. Alan Lightman, Richard Kraut, Socrates and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Haiti’s Slave Revolution, Bob Dylan, Stephen Dedalus, the Moral Dilemma of Atomic Warfare, Human Rights Abuse in China, Woman’s Religion


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