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Contents: Editor’s Introduction; Interview with Dr. Henry Abelove; Articles: Preparing Future Leaders with Ignorance—Colleen Deel; Jesus: Apocalyptic Mesiah or Counter Apocalyptic Social Prophet? An Alternate View of Jesus and Why the Church is Called to Serve the Oppressed—Nick Kiger; The Rise of Marxist Thought in Twentieth Century Vietnam—Halle Neiderman; Resurrecting Judith: Edith Summers Kelly, Weeds, and the Politics of Gender— Christi Amato; Social Movements and the Politics of Place: Transnational and Local Change—Sarah Prindle; The Drama and the Comedy of the Commons: Rethinking “The Tragedy of the Commons”—Sarah Prindle; The Material Language of Beuys and Antoni - Emily Starr; Is Trope Theory Viable?—Jason Thomas Craig; The Origins of Republican Womanhood—Shannon Bauchert; Leonard Bernstein: I Hate Music! A Cycle of Five Kid Songs and its Cultural Con­text—Danielle Hickey; Discovering Knoxville: A Biography, Analysis, and Study of Cultural Context— Alison Brooks; Book Reviews: America at the Crossroads: Democracy, Power, and the Neoconservative Legacy—Cassi Smith; Gender Matters: Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Making of the New South—Me­gan Hatfield; The Last American Man—Meghan Johnson; March—Larsa Ramsini; Memories of My Melancholy Whores—Shannon Bauchert; The Road—Jason Thomas Craig; The World is Flat—Jennifer Scarbrough; Contributors, etc.

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Spring 2007


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Dr. Henry Abelove, Facebook, Marxist in Twentieth Century Vietnam, Edith Summers Kelley, Tragedy of the Commons, The Material Language of Beuys and Antoni, Trope Theory, Republican Womanhood, Leonard Bernstein, Knoxville


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