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Contents: Editors’ Introduction; Interview with Dr. Stephen T. Asma; Essays: ‘Let Other Pens Dwell On Guilt And Misery’: Mansfield Park and Social Commentary – Chris Thayer; Sham Populations: The Farce of the Revolutionary in Conrad’s The Secret Agent and Greene’s The Comedians – Boris Hinderer; Charles Ives’s Variations on “America”: An American Original – Zachary D. Garster; Re-centering Heart of Darkness – Justin McAtee; The Concentration Camps of Waiting for Godot – Hannah Biggs; The Price of Privilege: How Freedom Disintegrates Characters and Narrative in Con­rad and Didion – Christine Horvath; Shakespeare’s Shylock: The Enthusiastic Fanatic – Hannah Biggs; An Implicit Ethics – Zach Hopper; Book Reviews: At Home: A Short History of Private Life – Hannah Biggs; By Nightfall – Christine Horvath; Everyman – Justin McAtee; Great House – Becky Woodruff; Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays – Vianca Yohn; August: Osage County – Jonna Stewart; The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – Boris Hinderer; The Help – Chelsea Ferrin; Contributors, etc.

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Spring 2011


Otterbein University




Dr. Stephen T. Asma, Mansfield Park, Social Commentary, Joseph Conrad, Graham Greene, Charles E. Ives, Joan Didion, Joseph Conrad


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