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Contents: Editors’ Introduction; Interview with Dr. Debra Moddelmog; Interview with Dr. Angela Smith; Essays: Country and Humanity: The Tensions of Universal Benevolence in Richard Price’s Discourse – Emmy Hammond; From Dominance to Companionship: Animals in Behn and Defoe – Hannah Biggs; Cultural Influence and Aaron Copland’s Appalachian Spring – Andrea Marie Keil; A Crooked Tree: The Problem of Nature vs. Nurture in Wuthering Heights – Becky Woodruff; Influences on Paul Hindemith’s Sonata for Trumpet and Piano – Samuel Kolis; A Rebirth of the Siren – Whitney Reed; Aldous and Aristotle: The Ethics of Brave New World – Chris Thayer; Trauma at Tara: The Different Faces of Post-War; Trauma in Margaret Mitchell’s Gone with the Wind and Why They Still Matter – Brooklyn Reymann; Book Reviews: A Revolution of the Mind – Emmy Hammond; A Small Furry Prayer: Dog Rescue and the Meaning of Life – Hannah Biggs; Hollywood Incoherent – Lacy O’Lalde; “I Am Providence”: The Life and Times of H. P. Lovecraft – Chris Thayer; Let the Great World Spin – Jacqlyn Schott; Not for Profit – Vinny Sanfillipo; The Art of Fielding – Justin McAtee; The Marriage Plot – Whitney Reed; The Pale King – Ellie Detrich; The Submission – Sara McElroy; What’s That Pig Outdoors? A Memoir of Deafness – Niki Calvaruso; Contributors, etc.

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Spring 2012


Otterbein University




Dr. Debra Moddelmog, Dr. Angela Smith, Richard Price, Universal Benevolence, Animals in Behn and Defoe, Aaron Copland, Appalachian Spring, Nature vs. Nurture in Wuthering Heights, Paul Hindemith, Sonata for Trumpet and Piano, Rebirth of the Siren, Margaret Mitchell, Gone with the Wind


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