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Contents: Editors' Introduction, Editorial Board Members, COVID-19 as the Collapse of Capitalism: A Socio-Political Marxist Analysis of the Pandemic and Post-Pandemic Future, Going Out in Style: How Stylistics Can Disrupt the Problematic Literary Canon, Ideal Kingship: How Christianity Was Seen as an Important Instrument to Authoritarian Rule in the Frankish Empire, Masochism and Sinthomsexuality: Caleb and Ava's Relationship in Alex Garland's Ex Machina, Notes on Melodrama: Women, Madness, and the Oppression of the Patriarchy, The Differing Moralities of the Renaissance Play The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus and the Medieval Morality Play Everyman, The Dissolute Punished: An Overview of Mozart's Don Giovanni, K. 527, The Use of Narrative in the Art of Faith Ringgold, T.S. Eliot: Reinventing the Modernist Tradition, COVID-19 Lockdowns Disrupt Conversation, The Vulnerability of Nurses, Where Resources Should Go, "Racial Weathering" and Other Flaws in the Utilitarian Approach to Economic Lockdown, Interview with Dr. Alexander Rocklin, Interview with Dr. Scott Muir, Book Review: Cherry, Book Review: Ebony & Ivy: Race, Slavery, and the Troubled History of America's Universities, Book Review: Hurricane Season, Book Review: Latitudes of Longing, Book Review: Little Fires Everywhere, Book Review: Marvelous Pigness of Pigs, Book Review: Night Film, Book Review: Temporary, Book Review: The Book of Longings, Book Review: The Lady's Handbook for her Mysterious Illness, Book Review: The Queen: The Forgotten Life Behind an American Myth, Book Review: There There, Book Review: Twilight of Democracy: The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism, Book Review: 101 Essays That Will Change the Way you Think

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